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“What you see depends on what you are looking for.”

— Author Unknown


I am a Creative Generalist - Creative Lead, with Brand Marketing, Communication, Design, and Content Management experience in the B2B and B2C fields. 

I am the Creative & Marketing Lead for 2 Alvest Companies: Sage Parts and Page GSE. I also do 20% of my time for Alvest and other sister companies like TLD.

I use the latest technology to provide innovation, form better processes and problem solve.

My hobby is being a lauded writer for over 12 years, providing valuable & insightful content to various top websites as a credentialed member of the NHL: including CBS New York, The Huffington Post, The FourthPeriod Magazine, The Faster Times, Hockeybuzz, and more. 

I am proud to be one of the first sports bloggers to be given team & locker-room access for a professional sports team in the United States – 2007. 

I have been interviewed, featured, and cited on the NHL Network, The Hockey News, TSN, TSN Radio, Sirius/XM, ESPN, Huffington Post, CBS New York/WFAN, News 12 Long Island, and more. 

My work as a verified Journalist:

CJR, Poynter & SPJ Member

Heavy Social Media and Audience Development Experience. Twitter Verified - when that actually mattered. 


My work ranges from Brand and Product Marketing, social media, corporate design, product design, business-to-business focus, and business-to-consumer focus. I have a knowledge of technology and how it can aid the Creative, Marketing, and Production process. 

As a team player with wide-ranging expertise and professional experience, I am considered a key collaborator and lead on projects that are even outside the typical "design" and "marketing" spheres.

I have done everything from designing a logo on a NASCAR race car to moving a large company's content to a WordPress Content Management System and project lead all key items in development and vendors. 

Not only do I design and art direction, but I am also well-versed in Social Media, blogging, WordPress implementation & management, Content Management systems, vendor relations, web community building & management, print publishing, PDF workflow, Adobe Creative Suite, digital media, and much more.


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"Working with Brian is effortless - he has the business savvy to quickly grasp concepts and turn out exceptional visuals with very little revision required - and all within the committed deadlines. I can't say enough about the quality, the speed, the attention to detail and the effectiveness of his work!"

– William Rodriguez, Senior Web Designer, Bronson Vitamins 

"Brian is a very personable professional who always delivers detailed work. He is a brilliant graphic designer and his creativity goes well beyond any bounds I have ever seen. Brian has never missed a deadline and delivers all work ahead of schedule, he is able to prioritize rush projects as needed. Along with his creative abilities, I have worked with Brian on ecommerce projects as well as social media projects and he has always delivered great work, on time."

– Stephanie Martines, Ecommerce & Marketing, Bronson Vitamins

"Brian is a self-starter, entrepreneurial type who can take an idea or concept and make it a well thought out success. I've known Brian for many years and it has been a pleasure watching him establish such a respected presence in digital media. He'd be a huge asset as both a contributor or a leader for any number of media companies looking to establish themselves or take their existing digital footprint to the next level."

– Anthony De Rosa, Digital Production, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

"Brian is an extremely tech-savvy individual and takes on projects with authority. I was extremely impressed with his work involving website migration - where coordination, knowledge, quality control and tenacity are all paramount. His personal knowledge of Wordpress and blogging best practices are important for any organization seeking to solidify or develop this particular aspect of their business." 

– Jon Raney, CRM Reporting & Data at Thomas Publishing Company

"Brian is a publications whiz. He is full of good ideas, and knows how to implement them to best position them for print or digital exposure. Brian communicates well and facilitates productive stakeholder discussions among diverse sets of people to allow for positive growth on any given project. I would be happy to work with Brian any time."

– Merav Hoffman, Head of Product, Liquid Sky Gaming

"Brian was my colleague at ThomasNet News, where he was an integral part of developing and launching my news blog “Career Journal.” His creative ideas, attention to detail, and willingness to help out fellow staff (even during busy production days) helped drive the success of multiple news sites. I highly recommend Brian to employers."

– Beth Goodman, Communications Journalist at American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 

"For 18 months I was Brian's primary editor at (CBS New York/WFAN) where he distinguished himself as our New York Islanders beat reporter by always telling our audience the truth, no matter how painful it was for fans to hear. Brian gets the stories right because of his diligence in reporting and his extremely responsible sourcing. Plus, he's often thinking outside the box when it comes to presenting his information and that, in turn, separates him from most everyone else in the field. This is a tireless worker who cares little for praise, but a lot about representing his news organization with class and professionalism."

– Jeff Capellini, Editor, CBS NewYork & WFAN

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